When Boost stepped onto the scene in 2015, the footwear industry took notice. The best in comfort and the best in responsiveness—at the same damn time. It became the holy grail of midsole technologies. From running to Yeezy, its integration into almost every adidas category has been demanded by consumers everywhere. Often imitated, never replicated—Boost is the greatest footwear technology, ever. When we were briefed on the project, we accepted the challenge to celebrate Boost as the icon that it is.
Global Brand Design was given an unprecedented brief: deliver the largest campaign in adidas' history. We were tasked with delivering assets and art direction for a global campaign which spanned 3 product lines for 3 different consumer segments and used Boost as the connecting thread between them all. In addition to the Ultraboost 19, we also developed creative for two new products: the Pulseboost HD and Pulseboost HD Winterized. These products each needed their own differentiation to address the training consumer, the running consumer and the style consumer at all touch points. To execute the brief we worked with multiple global agencies and a small army of photographers, videographers, illustrators, animators and designers to bring it all to life.
The visual design system was built with the intent of being bold and flexible. A simple grid underpins it all and gives the designer a wide range of possibilities for creating a clear and cohesive visual language that conveys energy. The work shown here is only a small selection from the library of content that was generated and focuses on the lead colorway for the Women's Ultraboost 19.