I'm an art director & designer who has been working in Portland, Oregon for the past 15 years. My focus has been on photo direction, graphic design, retail, E-Comm, environmental design, and packaging. I also have relevant experience with branding and identity, presentation, and production design.
For the past 10 years, I have been working at adidas, currently with Studio A North America. My time at adidas has allowed me to work across many categories highlighting industry-leading technology for a wide variety of consumers. In addition to concepting and executing brand campaigns, my teams have worked to define the visual direction for multiple categories as well as the seasonal look and feel of the brand.
While creating award-winning global campaigns, I have found that organization and creativity need to work in lockstep for the most effective results. I pride myself on executing at a high level while adapting to new challenges under tight timelines. Using these skills to be an effective leader is something that I am passionate about continuing my education towards and am always looking for new opportunities to grow.
If you would like to work together or would just like to meet for an introduction, please contact me via the form below or use the links to my social channels at the top of this page. 
Thank you!