The human foot was made to move - it’s in our DNA. Futurenatural is designed to free our natural agility. It’s a return to nature to inspire the future of footwear. At the heart of Futurenatural is the relationship between the foot and technology. We highlight the anatomy of the foot in relationship to product, the movement of the human body and the education of the creation process - without added complexity. From foot scan to production to product in-action, we showcase the unique anatomical story in a way that feels natural, human and progressive - less like science fiction.
Our brief was to create a visual direction and tone that highlighted three key attributes: Anatomical, Dynamic and Simplicity. Instead of falling back to more traditional expressions of cold futuristic technology, our aim was to simplify the direction and to create a tone that felt more accessible and human. The color palette and visual language is intended to be softer & more approachable than previous tech focused campaigns, yet still premium and forward thinking.