Time is a marker by which so many things are measured, in sport and in life. How long a task takes. How many reps in a minute. How many calls, meetings, appointments packed into a day. It’s easy to get caught up in the counting—time spent and time saved. So easy that you can forget why you do it all in the first place. We must work hard to recall our intention and realize what makes every moment so meaningful. Every moment is more valuable when you Remember Your Why. For Damian Lillard, it all comes down to one thing: The people he loves most and who love him. His kids.
Dame is the same man on the court as he is off: consistent, diligent, and working to make everyone around him better tomorrow than they are today. He is the genuine article, which is why his fans and family adore him. Because of this, our team was excited to be able to showcase Dame with his son, Dame Jr., in our Father’s Day campaign. Working with an athlete of his caliber as well as kids can present unique challenges but the Lillards were absolutely perfect partners and were amazing to work with. The final creative was extremely well received by internal partners and achieved a much wider adoption than is typical of this type of campaign.
I art directed the campaign from concept to file delivery and my responsibilities on the project included:
• Leading creative concepting
• Presenting concept & design directions to stakeholders
• Building & maintaining direction, production & ROS decks
• Directing photography and retouching
• Directing design of on-site, social and paid-media deliverables
Studio A team members:
• Sr. Art Director - Craig Skinner
• Sr. Copywriter - Zoe Ward
• Sr. Project Manager - Morgen Lennox
• Designers - Chris Barnes & Elisa Cox
• Sr. Producer - Chelsea Noonan
Production partners:
• Photographer - Sage East
• Photo Assistants - Clark Wacunza, James Bianchi & Har Rai Khalsa
• Wardrobe Stylists - Kevin Smith D’Aguiar & Caitlin Firestone
• Art Department - Lichi Chiem
• HMU - Dionte Allen & Lena Walsh
• Production - Half Court Studio - Katie Sellon, Laina Beauliere, Blossom Chiddick & Qu